Because it covers everything I am interested in. It is such a complex concept that upon looking at all the buzzwords below it seems to be utopian and unachievable. Which is what makes it sound so tremendously appealing to me.  The hopeless optimist in me wants to know how to make this fantasy a realty.

As stated before, Sustainability consists of the 4 systems: economics, society, politics, and environment.


The buzzwords / topics that I will cover are numerous. I will try to research as much as I can about a chosen topic, report about issues I stumble across, and most of all report about people, organizations, and lateral thinkers I get to know during my travels. I will try to add as many real life examples as possible.

The first 2 topics I have in mind for the near future are

  1. the impact of music genres, such as punk, on youth and the higher likelihood of those heavily involved in these scenes to be activists or part of a movement
  1. the shockingly unequal treatment and disadvantages that woman seeking an abortion in Tyrol face compared to women in the rest of Austria.

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