Why I call myself Sustainability Nerd? Because sustainability covers everything I am interested in. It is such a complex concept that after looking at all the buzzwords below it appears to be utopian and unachievable. Which is what makes it sound so tremendously appealing to me.  The hopeless optimist in me wants to know how to make this fantasy a realty.

Sustainability consists of the 4 systems: economics, society, politics, and environment.


The buzzwords / topics that it covers are numerous. Some of my posts are about my movie nerd side, some are about my sustainability nerd side – I  write about issues I stumble across, and most of all about people, organizations, and lateral thinkers I get to know during my travels.

Sustainability also impacts the movie industry, but due to its complexity I am aware of how hard it is to be environmentally sustainable on set. But in recent years the amount of social issues being addressed are numerous and the social aspect of sustainability is of equal importance.

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