Sustainable Tooth Care

It’s the small things that count 😊

I switched to using tooth tabs and bamboo tooth brushes a long time ago. Pro: Plastic free, less oil, plant based, vegan, no animal testing, recycable – and it tastes and feels good.

“Con”: Well the first time you use it, it might be a bit awkward, but once you switched, regular tooth paste tastes very, very, very weird 😊

There are a lot of choices out there, so go ahead and try out what you like. I use tooth tabs from Lush (either ‘Breath of God’ or ‘Dirty’) and a bamboo tooth brush from ‘Brush with Bamboo’.

The bamboo on the brush will turn a bit white, but that’s normal. It lasts as long as a regular tooth brush and should – as any other brush – be replaced every 3 months. Once you start using a new one, remove the bristles from the old one and recycle the bamboo in your composting bin.


More info here: proper disposal.

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