Be an activist! Be a conscious consumer and ask simple questions!

Whenever you want to buy something – stop for a second and think twice when you see something too cheap to be true. Most likely than not, it is too good to be true.

We think – and I won’t exclude myself – that we are what we wear. Wearing something new makes us feel more confident. Buying makes us happy. Being a successful bargain-hunter makes us feel like we accomplished something. Regrettably, we often forget at whose expense.

I have to admit I recently went to H&M and Primark. Being on a budget I didn’t think twice. Only after somebody looked surprised and said “I thought you of all people would be a more responsible consumer”, is when it hit me what I had just supported. I should have known better. I do know better. But when I am not confronted with the reality regularly I get bedazzled by the media and can’t see the forest for the trees.

If you look for it, there are inspiring icons leading the way everywhere. Fashion designer and activist Vivienne Westwood declared a Climate Revolution in 2012. Stella McCartney regularly speaks up for animal rights and better practices in the fashion world. But you don’t have to be famous to make a difference.

„We can do better”.

With our purchase we support a business and everybody involved into creating what we hold in our hands. We can influence:

  • where the materials come from
  • how they are produced (we buy organic food, but the fabric that touches our skin all day we don’t care about)
  • the impact those products have on our environment
  • what the working conditions are
  • how much money every single worker involved in the production makes.

The True Cost – Still from the Film

These workers do not have a choice. We have. Think before you buy. Ask questions. Recognize the impact of your consumption.

Happiness is not based on stuff.

Maybe you are like me and need a reminder every once in a while. If you want to go on an eye opening journey around the world, I highly recommend this documentary, currently available on Netflix:

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