Where to get your guilt free coffee fix

I am a coffee addict. I drink 2-5 cups a day and me and my friends are like the Gilmore Girls – and we even talk at the same pace. Can be annoying, but I made my peace with it. I try to brew it at home and take it along on my daily adventures in my metal to-go-mug to avoid using single-use cups. But buying beans might be quite difficult without a hint of a bad conscious when you start thinking about where they might come from. What I try to do is to find a locally owned roasting company.

Usually these smaller businesses choose their farmers more carefully. In Brooklyn I was super glad to find this coffee in my supermarket around the corner – and it’s really, really good coffee too!!


Their ‘small’ selection – so much to try so little time… BRC Coffees

Their Coffeelosophy is to buy Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, and Organic certified and sustainable Coffees. And with this quote they won my heart:

But we’re also pretty serious about “green thinking:” recycled materials and refurbished equipment use, clean-powered distribution, and old-fashioned friendliness. We’re not really coffee snobs, we’re just very dedicated coffee lovers that only settle for the best.

If you want to find out more or happen to be in Brooklyn, buy it, go to their Cafes or like their Facebook page: Brooklyn Roasting

Now excuse me, I have to go on a coffee hunt..


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