From a series of “It’s the small things that matter”

There came a point when I ran out of clean clothes. So I had to make the super long 2 minutes walk to the Laundromat that I have pushed back for as long as I could. Which meant I had to buy a cleaner. Standing in front of this huuuuge selection of cleaners at the supermarket I wrestled with myself for 10 minutes about which one to buy. The regular, supposedly eco-friendly ones for 9$ or the only one that had a label “cruelty free” on it for 18.99$? Worst timing not to have internet coverage on my phone. Well, besides the one time I got lost in the middle of the night in Brooklyn and tried to find my way home with the compass on my phone…

In the end I chose the more expensive one. And I am glad. Not only did I have to use a fraction of the amount I usually have to, but it also smelled so much better than the regular chemical scent! And the smell stays longer 🙂

After reading up on the company I will most definitely buy their products again. My favorite trivia: Mrs Meyers actually exists.


I wouldn’t put my name on something that didn’t work hard and smell great. No reason to ruin my reputation this late in the game.

And if you use it wisely and realize that more is not always better, it will last longer and actually come down to the same costs of regular cleaners.


Woof means thank you… 🙂


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