New York – had the time of my life!

I am back in Europe for now. But I can’t wait to get back to New York. I went to tons of events, met incredible people and soaked up all the information I could. In the end I felt like a local and not once was I ‘homesick’.

I haven’t been able to post as much on the Blog as I wanted to, but I hope I will have more time soonish – studying and going to all these amazing conferences, courses and meetings was more time consuming than I thought. Most days I had to decide between two to three events – also between events about sustainability or just great events I wanted to go to just for fun. Not that I didn’t have fun learning new info, but at some point my brain just was full!


There are four Interview still to be put into writing and a bunch of best-of’s from some of the events are due too. They were too good not to be shared.

Thank you New York and everybody I met! I will be back in July! And if I find a job that sponsors my visa or win the Green Card Lottery I would love to be back for good. This would be my City of choice!!

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