The 5 things you can do to drink your coffee sustainably – from the London Coffee Festival

Specialty coffee is becoming more popular, consumers seek independent coffee shops and buy their beans directly from smaller brewers. Just like the Micro-Beer-Brewery is still going strong, this is one is not likely to stop either.

So as a coffee addict myself, I went to the London Coffee Festival and had a blast. I was among fellow addicts and every passionate person, no matter what their passion is, is great to be around. Even if coffee is produced far away from where it’s consumed, we can influence the impact it has on the environment and to those that work in the industry.

The official Magazine Caffeine had sustainability as their editorial topic and used words like fair trade, environment and eco-friendly, which made me smile. A lot. And at the festival itself, it didn’t stop either.

The 5 things you can do to drink your coffee sustainably.

  1. Buy coffee from small vendors that have direct contact to the farmers. Ask them – if they love to share their stories, you are at the right café!
  2. Buy Fair Trade if you opt for bigger brands.
  3. Bring your own mug – avoid single use cups! Most places, even Starbucks, offer a discount.
  4. Avoid single use tabs. They are very hard to recycle, even the biodegradable ones.
  5. Use Milk alternatives, which have an extremely lower carbon footprint. Nowadays they taste amazing as well and some flavours can add some twang to your coffee!

And here some pics from the Festival!

Milk Alternative Brands. Oalty especially marketed their oat milk being a sustainable solution – using 62% less CO2 compared to cows milk.  Rebel Kitchen is about real food. Their motto: “Need A Health Revolution? .. Boom!”

Coffee Masters Quarterfinals – Simone Koenig (DE) versus Cosmin Mihailov (RO).

My favourite moment after the winner was announced and the finalists hugged each other.


Food, Drinks and a Coffee tasting for beginners workshop.

Here some of my favourite Shops (links below).

Great location, smiles all over, learned a bunch of new facts – like when you have a cold you don’t loose your sense of taste, you just don’t smell your coffee anymore – and tried some amazing coffee. Just had my hands full, hence no coffee pics and coffee mostly looks the same on a picture anyways… As soon as my Brooklyn Brewery Coffee runs out I will be trying out new local coffee shops and buy sustainable sourced ones for at home as well! 🙂


London Coffee Festival – If you want to see who was there, I highly recommend the Magazine Caffeine in case you are a real caffeine addict.

London Coffee Masters –  Details about the coffee barista competition. The application videos alone are worth a click!

Oalty – Oat Milk from Sweden. ‘Saving the planet one Cappoatcchino a day!’

Rebel Kitchen – Dairy free coconut milk made with love.

NIX & KIX – Drinks with Cayenne pepper ‘A little heat, a lot of happiness’ – and they are alcohol free 😉

The Pressery – Almond Milk Drinks – ‘At The Pressery, we strive towards creating a nourished, authentic and sustainable way of life. You won’t find anything unnecessary in our drinks.’

The department of Brewology – the art & science of hand-crafted coffee – Great Shirts and Art!

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