Plant Trees by browsing the Web with Ecosia! :)

I have been a little bit quiet. With the MBA, my Volunteering for the ISFoundation and also volunteering at the coworker space Impact Hub NYC, I got a bit distracted.

Now I am also doing an official UN Course! Yay! It’s on the new UN System Staff College platform sponsored by the German Government. Title of the course is “Foundational Course on the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development” and I am so grateful I could join. Part of Week 1’s homework was to watch Tim Jackson’s TED Talk. A highly recommendable talk about how we humans are stuck in the economic model we live in right now.

As an example of how things are changing he used the example of the search engine Ecosia. It helps the environment by donating 80% of their profit to plant trees. It also helps people, “so locals can earn a steady income by collecting the seeds, planting the trees and then selling food and other forest goods on the local market” (Ecosia Video).


So I had to try it out and love it. It works as well as any other search engine and usually I avoid the sponsored links, but now I happily use them! I event went further and downloaded the add-on for google chrome so it’s my default browser from now on 🙂

Go and try it out and let me know what you think!


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