About this Nerd

I can try to hide it and often times I fool people. I may look like a hipster, do a lot of sporty things, snowboard, mountain bike, try to surf and wakeboard, am an extrovert – BUT – those who know me know I’m a nerd… Ask me a movie related question and I won’t shut up.

When I say I love movies, it’s a liiiiittle bit more than the average person expects it to be. I do love movies and TV shows and documentaries, making of’s, behind the scenes, extras, director’s commentaries, movie related podcasts, interviews, comic cons, panels, conventions, midnight previews, all night triple features and so much more…

Wherever I lived I went to events that are a little bit too nerdy for the average movie fan…

From left to right: Hobbit midnight Premiere Berlin, Simon Pegg at Star Trek Beyond live at Royal Albert Hall, Comic Con on Maui (Darkwing Duck Panel).

For big events celebrating movies and entertainment I have travelled the world. I went to my first sci-fi convention waaaaay before it was mainstream – it was in 1998 and it was a Star Trek Convention! But rather often than not, I just add something nerdy to the agenda when I’m on holidays.

From left to right: Behind The Force Awakens Panel @Disneyworld, Watching Men in Black with the Unisphere in Queens in the background, Once Upon a Time’s Storybrooke set near Vancouver, Kualoa Ranch in Hawaii, Sir Ian McKellen’s Pub in London The Grapes, Star Wars Weekends @Disneyworld.

I love mainstream cinema, BUT am also a big fan of independent movies and short films and try to support small, independent cinemas wherever I go.

From left to right: Metropol Cinema in London, Videology Bar & Cinema in Brooklyn, Leia Palms Cinemas Oahu, Q&A at Curzon Cinema in London and IFC Center in New York City.

Even at home a lot of things (usually subtly placed), reflect my love for movies. Unless there is a special occasion when I get them all out – for the Oscars, premieres or movie nights for example.

Oscar Party at home

I had to stop friends from buying me Star Wars stuff at some point though. I love Star Wars, but it’s not everything I love and it was definitely getting out of hand! Now it’s mostly collectibles that are rare that I buy or the odd vinyl, preferably from a flea market.

If any of you started following because of my sustainability journey, thank you! This is still my passion – but movies were my first love 🙂