Short version: I quit my job, sold my car and almost everything I owned, left my apartment, started and online MBA in Sustainability and was travelling for a year trying to find sustainability put into practice and to interview inspirational and like-minded people all around the world. The blog was neglected, but I learned more than I could have imagined. And now I  im in the process of becoming a self-employed consultant. Live could not better be…


Long Version:

More and more, I was questioning how my society works. I am a passionate person: a vegan (of the non-judgmental kind) and an animal welfare campaigner and volunteer. And I have experience in variety of industries (journalism, PR, lobbying, computer science, snowboard manufacture, medical devices). Questions that don’t have an easy answer are coming up more frequently. Questions like:

How can a society change? What can businesses do? What can just one person do? How can we influence the behaviors of governments and the economy? What are the theories out there? How feasible are they? Are they unachievable Star Trek plots we are not ready for? And most of all: what exactly is sustainability?

Reading a broad variety of books by well-known authors in the field, such as Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, and Jeffrey Sachs, my thirst for knowledge had been increased rather than satisfied. Last year I was attending the online course “Sustainable Development” by Jeffrey Sachs from the Colombia University. But it was raising more questions and didn’t slake my thirst. Therefore I had decided to turn my passion into my job:

I started an online Masters in Sustainability & Leadership. Best decision I ever made. 

Reading material.

I have been travelling the world all year to get first-hand experience from sustainability put into practice, met inspirational people from different backgrounds, and soaked in their stories. I will use this blog to share the knowledge I gained, to question what I read and the theories I come across, and to answer everyday questions. I will try to do it as approachably and honestly as I can. I am, after all, just one person. My knowledge comes from my experience and I would never presume to have the only correct answer. I know how happy shopping can make you feel, how media can influence your point of view, the emotions that a well-known logo such as Nike’s Swoosh can trigger, how delicious a steak can be, how much fun driving 200km/h (125mph) is, how shutting your eyes is easier than questioning your behavior, how judgmental the people around you can be when you represent something they don’t understand, how frustrating fighting against windmills can be.

I hope you will find the blog section entertaining and informative. I do encourage everyone to question, comment, and to interact with me and what I write here. Send me links, book recommendations, contacts, events. Share your story. As long as it’s productive, anything is welcome.

About me: I am an outgoing-sports-enthusiastic hipster on the outside and a nerdy-coffee-addicted-movie-&-TV-fangirl introvert on the inside. I speak four languages: German, English, Spanish, and French. I learned Visual Basic Programming out of pure joy and can quote every line from Robin Hood, Men in Tights.


Hope you enjoy reading my Blog as much as I do researching and writing for it!

Sarah Boyks

We might regret not having done anything “when we live in a van down by the river”.



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