The New System Project – a three Day Conference on alternative economic solutions for a better future

The New System Project is an initiative who’s aim is to explore “political-economic system models that deliver social, economic and ecological outcomes”. I went to their three days conference in New York last week. We didn’t find solutions yet, but ideas were flying around everywhere. Hopefully many will remember them and the energy we all shared when we return to the real world. What impressed me the most was the positive attitude. Instead of arguing over what doesn’t work, solutions were discussed and experiences shared. It’s nice to see so many people that think the same way and not to feel like the only crazy person out there.

Happy Women’s Day!

Why? Because in most countries it's women's day only one day a year! After having visited several events covering feminism, gender equality and human rights recently, I can appreciate these woman even more! Thank you for your bravery. Never underestimate the power of a woman.

German city bans Single-Use Coffee Pods in Government Buildings

George Clooney I blame you! You vibe transmitting good-looking man made coffee pods sexy. And coffee pods may be convenient, but they stand for avoidable waste - tons of waste - as Nespresso alone sold 72 billion pods so far.   Pod machines are spreading all over the world. At home, in restaurants, hotels and in … Continue reading German city bans Single-Use Coffee Pods in Government Buildings