Learning from Reverb! How They Help Bands like Maroon 5 to Make Touring more Environmentally Friendly and Advice on What You Can Do!

Reverb, a non profit founded by the musician Adam Garner and his wife Lauren Sullivan, has the mission to make festivals and touring as environmentally friendly as possible. They provide the money, commitment and manpower that the bands or organisers couldn't. They recycle, compost, buy local food, advise on how to avoid waste, make sure sustainable products are used down to the soap, carbon offset, use biofuel, provide solar power charge stations for phones, educate fans, encourage people to car pool or recycle, collect contacts and money from fans for different charities – and all of it in collaboration with bands. Some of the bigger ones they work with are the Dave Matthews Band, Maroon 5 and Jack Johnson.

Immerland – A heartwarming Example of a Sustainable Restaurant in Innsbruck

When I thought of who might be a good example for sustainability put into practice and whom I could interview, I didn't have to think for long. I was not only intrigued by the broad variety of food the Restaurant Immerland offers - or how amazing it tastes – or how inviting their restaurant is - but … Continue reading Immerland – A heartwarming Example of a Sustainable Restaurant in Innsbruck

Toby Morse inspiring the youth of today and spreading PMA – Positive Mental Attitude

Toby Morse, lead-singer of the hardcore punk band H2O. I had the pleasure of meeting him before his gig in Germany, during the EMP Persistence Tour through Europe. On the couch sat this sweet, polite and down to earth man that charmingly couldn't stop gushing about his wife of 20 years and his son. Enthusiastically he talked to me about PMA, Positive Mental Attitude, and how he goes to schools in the US in his free time to talk about his attitude and how he has never touched alcohol or drugs in his life.