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Whether it’s your homepage, social media presence or the corporate design, this is the reflection of you, it is what your viewer thinks who you are. If you work around social innovation and sustainable development, passion is something most of us expect to see and what makes us remember a brand or a person. Most … Continue reading Marketing

Leadership and Communication

Communication is key – and not only externally. Every industry, every department, every team, every person I have ever worked with struggled with communication in some way. Sometimes it’s just smaller things that can be tweaked for the better, sometimes it’s a major restructuring or the overall workflow management that needs to change. In order to … Continue reading Leadership and Communication


Most companies that work around social topics are implementing the Sustainable Development Goals already, but are not aware of it or do not know how to communicate it. A good formulated strategy helps the company and the team to know where they are at, and to identify the potential of targeting even more of them. … Continue reading Strategy


Whether it’s Marketing, Internal Communication, Leadership, Strategy – the key is to be honest and authentic. If you struggle in one area, the rest of the company is affected. Here is where I can help.