Whether it’s Marketing, Internal Communication, Leadership, Strategy – the key is to be honest and authentic. If you struggle in one area, the rest of the company is affected. Here is where I can help.

My CV is packed with things that have nothing to do with each other. And I am an extroverted nerd. Which in the end comes in handy as a consultant. I can make connections people coming from just one industry usually overlook. After a conversation with different team members I can quickly identify key points that I can help with. There is no one-solution-helps-all approach, no theory or strategy that has been prepared and no checklist that I go through. Every team, every company, every strategy is so different from one other, that only through conversation can a strategy be formulated. More often than not the team itself develops the strategy and I am only the facilitator that asks the right questions.

Depending on the project I would help to develop a strategy or help executing the strategy. This all depends on your budget, your team and whether you need an outside contribution to keep track of the project or not.


You might say it sounds like I should specialize on one topic and stick to it. But in my experience getting help for a specific topic, triggers a lot of other ones that need to be adressed. They might seem disconnected when in fact they do influence each other. It started with me advising friends, people I know asking for help and in the end they ended with „Thank you! You should actually charge for this!“. After I heard it the fourth time I finally decided to admit that I am a consultant and to turn what I like to do into a profession. Help people make a difference.

My main passion are the Sustainable Development Goals, so my only criteria is that in some way, whether you do it deliberately or not, you are part of turning these Goals into reality. If you do not know what they are have a look here.