Leadership and Communication

Communication is key – and not only externally. Every industry, every department, every team, every person I have ever worked with struggled with communication in some way. Sometimes it’s just smaller things that can be tweaked for the better, sometimes it’s a major restructuring or the overall workflow management that needs to change. In order to find this out, it’s best to get everybody together and talk it through.


Working in the non-profit sector can be energy depriving. To be successful you need passion for what you do. Many academic leadership theories emphasize the importance of an honest leadership style is. If leaders do not act according to what they praise, success and satisfaction degree within the company will very likely not achieve its full potential.  And every once in a while you need an external push to remind you of what you stand for, what your goal is and to regain the energy.


Be honest with yourself. The best ideas and efforts often fail because we are not honest to ourselves. There is a huge difference between what we want to achieve and what gets us excited at first, versus how much energy on the long run we are willing to put into it. A lot of strategies fail because we lose the initial energy we had. There is a great chart about the Movement Cycle from “The Next System Project” showing the emotional phases you go through within a movement and is based on the theory of change and project management. This can be very useful to explain certain times of frustration that are normal and temporary. Change is always difficult, so being honest with yourself will help you.

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Source: Movement Net Lab (2017)


“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself”, Leo Tolstoy.