Need a Runner or PA?

Why hire somebody who has little experience on a movie set?!?

You won’t regret it, I swear! I have been hired in loads of industries for jobs I should not have gotten and in no time I was the person people went to for advice. I have a great intuition and pick up a lot of subtleties that others need to be told.

My goal is to gain experience as a Floor, Crowd, Base or Production Runner and work my way up, so I might contact some of you for advice and if you read this and can give some advice, please do reach out!!

Constructive criticism also very welcome!

To be prepared and not be completely green on Day 1, as a true nerd, I am studying as much as I can.

These are the books I am reading:

The Complete Film Production Handbook

This is the course I’m finished:

This is the course I already passed:

Passed 03.09.2020

COVID19: I have co-managed an outdoor venue with a bar for up to 100 people post lockdown, co-written a risk assessment and am very good at letting my inner German out (I am German, so am good at following rules and be in charge of people maintaining order – but fear not, I don’t have a heavy accent!! I am often told I sound Irish… *shrug*). Following and maintaining social distancing and Covid-19 guidelines comes natural to me – with a bit of humour people are easily convinced as well.

Since I also happen to be a computer nerd, I had to check out the software programs that were mentioned in several books, so have done a few video tutorials of Movie Magic and Final Draft.

Other things I have done that might translate:

Operations Manager for EU Headquarters for Rome Snowboards – managed a large amount of shops in Europe, the shipment of their goods, returns, warranty, reps and co-managing the warehouse.

Data Manager – Clinical Research. It might sound like a completely different industry, but some things are the same. I am very good with data accuracy and double checking anything that needs it.

PR Manager for a large Publisher. Here I learned diplomacy. The importance of how to communicate between customers and graphic departments and how to find a way to make both of them feel heard and appreciated. A non-tech person who thinks you can just quickly change something might make a poor graphic designer burst out into tears.

Hospitality – I had my first hospitality job when I was 17. I have always worked while I was studying and I genuinely enjoy working in hospitality. You learn how to quickly pick up the vibe and language in every situation and can scan a room for anything that is missing or might need improving. You really get a great eye for details and learn how to read people.

Anything else?

I speak four languages: German (native), English (prretty good I’d say), Spanish (grew up in Spain, almost no accent but better spoken than written), French (school French).

Software – know too many to list here. Just tell me which one you use and I’ll figure it out 😉 Daughter of a software engineer. No complicated editing, sound or VFX software I fear…

If you are not sure I am enough of a movie nerd, please check out my about me section or if you want to find out what I wold be like on set, go to working with Sarah or stalk me on social media.

If you are convinced, please don’t hesitate and go to my contact page!