Learning from Reverb! How They Help Bands like Maroon 5 to Make Touring more Environmentally Friendly and Advice on What You Can Do!

Reverb, a non profit founded by the musician Adam Garner and his wife Lauren Sullivan, has the mission to make festivals and touring as environmentally friendly as possible. They provide the money, commitment and manpower that the bands or organisers couldn't. They recycle, compost, buy local food, advise on how to avoid waste, make sure sustainable products are used down to the soap, carbon offset, use biofuel, provide solar power charge stations for phones, educate fans, encourage people to car pool or recycle, collect contacts and money from fans for different charities – and all of it in collaboration with bands. Some of the bigger ones they work with are the Dave Matthews Band, Maroon 5 and Jack Johnson.

German city bans Single-Use Coffee Pods in Government Buildings

George Clooney I blame you! You vibe transmitting good-looking man made coffee pods sexy. And coffee pods may be convenient, but they stand for avoidable waste - tons of waste - as Nespresso alone sold 72 billion pods so far.   Pod machines are spreading all over the world. At home, in restaurants, hotels and in … Continue reading German city bans Single-Use Coffee Pods in Government Buildings